1940s Fashion

A collection of 1940s vintage style dresses, fashion and clothing. From 1940s trousers and jeans to swing skirts and 1940s tea dresses with a few glam evening dresses influenced by Film Noir thrown into the mix.

40s Pointelle Cardigan - Black
40s Striped Slash Neck Top
40s Whirlaway Skirt - Cocoa
40s Victory Swing Dress Teal
1940s Shirt Dress - French Navy
40s Weekender Dress - navy brocade
40s Hostess Dress - French Navy
40s Shirt - Ivory Crepe
Sweetheart Top - ivory
Sweetheart Top - navy
40s Whirlaway Skirt - Navy
40s Whirlaway Skirt - Fern
40s Hostess Dress - Emerald
40s Ditsy Darling Sweetheart Tea Dress
40s Grable Tea Dress - Navy Polka
1940s Shirt Dress - dusty rose
So Foxy Retro Dress - French Navy
40s Tea Dress - Hawaii Print
Sweetheart Top - red stripe
1940s Shirt Dress - Canary
So Foxy Retro Dress - Emerald
40s Tea Dress - rockabilly sweetheart
40s Peggy Sue Dress - Flamingo
40s Pussy Bow Blouse - sage polka crepe
1940s Shirt Dress - vintage rayon
40s Wartime Sweetheart Tea Dress
40s Hostess Dress - vintage rayon
40s Peggy Sue Dress - Tan Spot
40s Peggy Sue Dress - Hawaii
40s Tea Dress - Prairie
Sweetheart Top - red
Sweetie Tie Top - Blue stripe
40s Shirt - Carnelian crepe
Film Noir 40s Wiggle Dress - navy pin stripe
Sweetie Tie Top - black
Sweetheart Top - black
So Foxy Retro Dress - Red
40s Victory Swing Dress Black
1940s Victory Evening Dress - black
1940s Swing Skirt - Brown crepe
1940s Victory Evening Dress Red
1940s Shirt Dress - Red
1940s Swing Pants - Pin stripe navy
40s Hostess Dress - Red
40s Hostess Dress - Deep Navy
1940s Swing Trousers - Black
1940s Swing Trousers - Navy
1940s Swing Trousers - Red
40s Tea Dress - Red Gingham
Classic Lipstick
1940s Shirt Dress - Green
1940s Swing Trousers - Brown
40s Pussy Bow Blouse - blue crepe
1940s Swing Skirt - Black
Seamed Stockings - dark and nude
1940s Swing Skirt - Blue
1940s Swing Skirt - Red
1940s Gypsy Top
Custom length 1940s trousers